4 reviews for Alcohol Reliever 6 Pack: Mojito Flavor


    I hadn’t drank in 3 months and I went out for my homies birthday and drank ALOT the homie showed me these before I went home from the party and I drank only 1 and woke up the next day and forgot I had even drank alcohol the night before cause I felt like any other day waking up. Great product highly recommended

    Kay Malik

    All I can say is, I drink too much. So hangovers aren’t anything new to me. One of my buddies showed me this product. On god it saved my life the next day. I recovered. FINALLY A REAL PRODUCT!!!!!!🙏🏼

    Joshua Illanes

    I went to sleep drunk as ever but woke up feeling great. I’m bout to get wasted tonight again.

    Manson kafi

    Shii Fire thooooo

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