12 reviews for Alcohol Reliever 6 pack: White Russian Flavor


    Best product if you want to avoid having a hangover! Woke up and felt like I never drank! 10/10 recommend


    Wow, I decided to try this after drinking all night and shortly after I was sober. Never going out without this again, this is definitely my new go to!

    Jaime Rodriguez

    been around tha block a few times in many cities in different situations. don’t matter how hardcore you think you are – maybe you had one too many and are stuck with a vicious hang over and you need something to bring you back up for that important appointment. this stuff freaking works. i suggest a lil bit of your fave juice as a chaser as even those 5 hour energy can taste a lil funky. bottom line is, this your go to elixer before ya gotta sign tha bottom line.

    Jake Simmons

    I was half a gallon deep and I felt sober in an hour. Great product! Saved my life. Would highly recommend.


    Took one after a long night of mixing, had minimal effects the next morning. Felt real better the morning after.


    Had some drinks the other night and drank one felt like a million bucks the next day


    I woke up the next morning feeling super sluggish and remembered I still had an extra bottle left. This product has sobered me up and prevented hangovers before but to my surprise it takes away hangovers too and quick! Thanks

    Nysjah L

    If I could give this more than 5 stars, it would definitely deserve them all! I am definitely a lightweight but I wanted to enjoy my birthday weekend without feeling sluggish, nauseous, or too gone and I can’t believe how well this works. I think it’s well worth the price, the bottles are a decent size and the taste of the White Russian is comparable to the tartness of a monster or Red Bull so it’s definitely manageable! I have 4 more bottles left but I’m already looking into my next flavor, and y’all should too!!!


    Very effective, had a long night of drinks and drank this before bed, woke up and went to work without a hangover as if i hadn’t even drank the night before.. 10/10


    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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    Help kept the fireball down no headache 🔥product does not lie


    It helped

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